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Agribusiness and Food Processing

Over 50% of Inkomoko’s clients work in Rwanda’s vibrant agribusiness industry, seizing market opportunities to provide post-harvest processing and distribution for coffee, tea, rice, milk, livestock, vegetables, spices, and more. We support these companies to enhance their supply chains, identify new markets, and plan for profitability.


Inkomoko works with construction services providers that are powering Rwanda’s development, from electrical installation to welding to commercial construction. We work with clients to reduce their costs, secure new clients, and purchase new equipment to enhance their earnings. Our capital lease program is particularly valuable for those needing equipment.


Inkomoko clients are innovators who are developing new ways to bring energy to Rwanda’s 12 million citizens, from solar cell phone charging stations to hydropower and biogas.


Private education institutions have worked with Inkomoko to make sure that they are running their schools efficiently in order to best educate the young people they teach. Inkomoko provided specialized trainings in marketing, finance, and HR to school leaders working with Urwego Opportunity Bank.

Health Care

Inkomoko works with clinics, medical supply companies, biomedical labs, and others who offer business-based solutions to provide quality health care. For example, Inkomoko has helped BioMedical Center to raise funds for expansion of their laboratory facilities.


Inkomoko is proud to support the growth of the rapidly developing ICT industry. Working with PSF’s ICT chamber and the Ministry of Youth and ICT, we are able to understand the unique challenges for financing of new innovations that banks often don't understand in this sector.

Manufacturing and Retail Services

A growth sector in Rwanda, local manufacturing firms provide important goods to Rwandan markets and make quality goods and services more accessible to Rwandan households. Inkomoko has worked with retail-based business to develop sales forecasts, streamline supply chains, and develop new marketing strategies. We are supporting Kwanda Manufacturing Group to develop a business plan for building an innovative roasting stove that uses biogas and natural gas for homes, bars, and restaurants.

Professional Services

Professional services companies support Rwanda’s rapidly growing corporate sector, and Inkomoko is proud to work with clients who offer financial, consulting, accounting, and enterprise development services to Rwandese companies. Our team is supporting the growth and harmonization of business operations of Havuga Holdings, a leading financial services company.